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Grade 7 Health Education and Social Emotional Learning

Learning Objectives

Feelings and Life Skills
How do I see myself?
How can we deal with feelings and stressful social situations?
How can I make new friends?

Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Bullying
Does the media make us aggressive?
What can I do when I’m angry?
When is it bullying/sexual harassment and when is it just fooling around?
How can we handle bullying and sexual harassment?

Understanding Substances
What harm is there in using tobacco, alcohol or marijuana?
Why do some teens use substances and others don’t?
How do advertisers manipulate teens?

Students will:

Practice the following health life skills: Decision-making, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Resisting Peer Pressure, Assertiveness, Knowing, Recognizing & Man-aging Emotions, Anger & Stress Management, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness & Empathy, Appreciating Diversity, Using Resources, Analyzing Influences and Health Advocacy.