Seventh Grade Update: October 2015

Seventh Grade Update: October 2015
Posted on 10/26/2015
Social Studies
Written By: Stella Jarvis
Right now in Social Studies class, we are learning about the history of Hebrews and Egyptians. At this time we are focusing on Moses and the Pharaoh. We are watching clips from the movie The Ten Commandments. It shows us Moses’ journey and his life regarding getting connected with God and saving the Hebrews from slavery. It’s a very interesting story.

We are watching this movie as well as filling out a packet that has questions about us that are alike to what happened in the Torah. For example, there was a question in the packet about what we can do to stand up for topics we feel strongly about. It relates to how Moses stood up for the Hebrews and, saved them. Moses stood up for what he believed in and the packet gets us thinking about how we can do those things too. The packet is more of a critical thinking packet. It is preparing us for speeches we are going to give about the Ten Commandments, what we think of them.

Overall, this unit in social studies is very interesting. It’s a topic I didn’t know anything about and now I know a lot about.

English Language Arts
Written By: Annie Pellant
OutsidersIn ELA so far, we have read the book The Outsiders. We read the book in class with a recording and also for homework. The Outsiders is about a boy who lives in a gang in Oklahoma, and he has no parents and lives with his brothers Soda and Darry. The book is about life as a greaser, and something bad happens, and the book is about dealing with what happened. Anyway, as we were reading the book, we learned about the witch’s hat (plot), and about theme, and understanding the witch’s hat (plot). I learned that theme is not only one thing. We would have tests about what we had read so far and would write about it. One of the things we did was we filled out a form of adjectives describing some of the characters’ traits.

When we were near the end, we watched the movie. We watched the first half and then finished the second a couple days later after we regrouped about what we had seen. I was pretty impressed with the movie. It actually used lines from the book. When we had finished watching and reading the book, we wrote two essays about it. The first essay was about who your favorite character from the book was and using quotes to support why. The second was about some comparing and contrasting the book and the movie to each other. The goal was to write two similarities and two differences. Currently, we are writing one final essay. The essay was about one theme that you personally noticed and tracked in the book. It is to be a five paragraph essay with three body paragraphs, one introduction paragraph, and one conclusion. I am really enjoying ELA and it is really testing my strengths in writing essays and such.