Sixth Grade Update: October 2015

Sixth Grade Update: October 2015
Posted on 10/26/2015
As we move through November, our core values are at work inside our classrooms! In math, we are using and to learn key mathematical concepts and allows students to learn at their own pace. We are currently working on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and decimals.

In science, we are finishing our physics unit and wrapping up our study of light. Students have explored and tested many characteristics of light throughout the quarter and will now apply their understanding to the multiple types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum as well as what makes all these waves different from each other!

In ELA, students will examine their identities as readers of fiction by learning what kind of readers they are, what kinds of fiction they enjoy, and by setting reading goals. In order to deepen understanding of complex plots and characters, students will select, independently read, and respond to (through discussion and writing) several fiction books during this unit. Students will write about their reading in their reader's notebooks throughout the unit and the year. Parents, please check student syllabi and Google classroom to stay up to date on assignments.

Cross CountryFor the past month, we have been studying and focusing on geography. As a class we have learned about physical geography, the differences between landforms and bodies of water, and created many maps and globes of our own. In our most recent project, students created their version of what their ideal island would look like. We are wrapping up this unit and our study of geography this month by completing a virtual brochure for the residents of Cambridge about a country of choice.

In our advisories, students will be working with our core value of passion for November! There are 20 6th graders on the Putnam Avenue Track team and they will be running at the district track meet on October 29th, so wish them luck.