6th Grade Update: November 2015

6th Grade Update: November 2015
Posted on 11/17/2015
In social studies this month, we are finishing up our virtual map brochures. We have been researching specific countries and using our knowledge of geography to create brochures to convince a Cambridge resident to visit that country. To celebrate our hard work, we will be having a gallery walk in each class where students can view each other's projects.

In science, we are finishing our first unit on physics with a study of the electromagnetic spectrum. A number of students opted to create extra credit projects in a variety of astronomical and physical science topics—black holes, the physics of light, creation of the solar system, etc. Students are excited to learn more about the world around them from a scientific lens.

In math, we are wrapping up our unit on multiplying and dividing decimals. We have begun to analyze complex real world problems through student-led discussions. We have used Socratic circles to facilitate these discussions. Socratic circles are when a small group of students circle up in the middle of the class and have a discussion on how they solved the problem after the whole class has gotten a chance to solve the problem. On the outside of the circle, the rest of the class takes notes based on what is discussed by students in the inner circle. Students then work in groups on clarifying any misconceptions and try to solve other multi-step problems.

In ELA, we are working on Point of View and how it shapes a narrative. We will be looking at how characters evolve in a narrative next. Then, we will be writing about what we learned throughout this Elements of Fiction unit.