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Hour of Code 2015

Hour of Code 2015
Posted on 12/16/2015
Hour of CodeComputer Science Week was held the week of December 7th. This is a week during which educators across the country promote the habits of mind needed to create new products using technology. The week has been a launching pad for "Hour of Code" where students can test out their programming skills to make characters move, change, and react on the screen. Much of the programming is through drag and drop blocks that are easier to understand than HTML code, but if a student is interested in seeing the code behind the character's actions, they can! The Hour of Code activities are very similar to figuring out a puzzle—which piece goes where? What order should they be in? Does this work?  

On Thursday, December 10th, all 8th graders participated in Hour of Code. During this time, students participated in introductory computer science activities and learned how to code at a variety of levels. In the words of some of the eighth graders:   
“Coding was fun! I think we should do it more often. I got to modify a game and make it my own!” - Corrie Byrd

“I learned that I’m good at following directions!” - Safi Chalfin-Smith         

“Um, it’s ok. I remember I did it in 2nd grade – the cat, the dog, the turtle. I understand it more now, it’s not as hard.” -Hadiya Peebles-Clarke