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Moving Up, Stepping Up!

Moving Up, Stepping Up!
Posted on 12/14/2015
Sixth grade has been preparing for our big move to 100 Putnam Ave.! Students are growing excited about moving to our new space. We have been making plans to help sixth graders with this transition and have been reflecting on our core value of PRIDE and how we will take pride in our new space.

In math, we are wrapping up our unit on ratios. Students enjoyed our lemonade tasting competition in which groups of students tried to find the perfect ratio of lemonade powder to sugar. Sixth graders have been thinking of ratios in a variety of real world situations ranging from cooking ingredients to mixing concrete. We are going to be starting our unit on rates and percents next.

In Social Studies this month, we started our second unit of study. We have been focusing on the origin of humankind and the theory of evolution. Students have been taking the role of apprentice anthropologist to research five different types of hominids in preparation for our research project at the end of the month.

In 6th grade ELA, students have been writing reflective responses to an independent reading book of their choosing. Students have been working to ensure they include textual evidence for their claims about their books. We are working through all the stages of the writing process and plan on having a publishing party in the new building.

In 6th grade Science, students have been working with visiting artist, Kyle Browne, revisiting concepts from our physics unit. Students made contour drawing of simple scenes in shoeboxes, but each is covered by a red or blue filter! Students then add watercolor to their drawings to reflect what they are seeing through the filter. Students don’t actually know the colors of the objects they are painting...and won’t know until our exhibition/reveal! Through this process we will gain a clearer—and less biased—understanding of how filters (different wavelengths of light) change how our eyes see color.