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Grade 6 Health Education and Social Emotional Learning

Learning Expectations

Getting along with others
How can I express feelings in healthy ways?
How can I learn to be more respectful of others?
How can I prevent & manage stress?
What makes someone a good friend?

Bullies and Bystanders
What is bullying?
What can I do if bullying happens to me or someone else?
How can I stand up for myself and others?

Keeping Healthy
How can I keep myself healthy?
What do I want to know about the body system and puberty?

What should we eat?
How healthful is my eating?
What are healthful snacks to choose?
What makes it hard to make healthy choices?

Students will:

Practice the following health life skills: Decision-making, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Resisting Peer Pressure, Assertiveness, Knowing, Recognizing & Managing Emotions, Anger & Stress Management, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness & Empathy, Appreciating Diversity, Using Resources, Analyzing Influences and Health Advocacy.