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Seventh Grade Visits Harvard

Seventh Grade Visits Harvard
Posted on 03/30/2015
The Seventh Grade Students have spent the past several months preparing for a college trip to Harvard University, through a partnership with Project TEACH. Students have been writing in their journals about their hopes and dreams and have been pushed to think about what they may want in their futures. They thought about the different types of colleges, the many opportunities that higher education offers, and the steps they need to take now to accomplish what they hope to do.

On March 6, seventh grade students spent the day at Harvard. They started their day at the Science Center, hearing current Harvard students' experiences in school. Putnam Students asked great questions about the college process, majors, and in what extracurricular activities the college students were involved. Next, students were able to experience what some may describe as their favorite part of the day: lunch! They ate in the dining hall with Harvard Sophomores and Juniors. Students were also able to experience a class taught by a Harvard Professor. They were able to choose from four different Academic Presentations:
Science of Cooking, Hip hop and Harvard, Students Making History, and Imagining our World. The students were able to participate in the class, just as if they were in college. The last part of the day included a tour where they were able to see the many landmarks of the campus.

It was a great and productive day. Conversations about college and reflections in their Project Teach journals will continue throughout the year.