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What's Happening in the Sixth Grade

What's Happening in the Sixth Grade
Posted on 05/26/2015
In science we are studying ecosystems. We are going to be working with Kyle Browne on a grant to use EcoMuve, Scratch, and Makey Makey technology to create and explore ecosystem dynamics. We will be studying food webs and the transfer of energy through trophic levels, endangered species, environmental impact, and how to assess our surrounding ecosystems. Students had fun playing a game that required their knowledge of ecosystems and food webs.

In social studies, we have just finished an analysis and report on the Document-Based Question (DBQ), "How did the Nile River shape ancient Egypt?" Now, we are beginning our study of ancient Greece by asking the question, "How did geography shape ancient Greece?" We will then compare how geography influenced the development of those two civilizations, before examining Greek culture in greater detail. Time permitting, we will celebrate what we have learned about these two civilizations by creating and performing two-voice poems that highlight the similarities and differences between ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

The 6th graders are currently in the midst of a writing unit--Literary Analysis. Analysis is the practice of looking closely at small parts to see how they affect the whole. Literary analysis focuses on how plot, structure, character, setting, and many other techniques are used by the author to create meaning. Students are analyzing a short story of their choice and using the five paragraph format to defend their arguments. Once this unit is finished we will be moving on to reading The Giver, which will offer lots of creative outlets for students as we finish up the year.

In math, we spent this month making final preparations for the math MCAS by reviewing what we have learned this year. Students had fun using the knowledge they have accumulated in a rousing game of Jeopardy. Students wrapped up the month by exploring 3-dimensional figures calculating volume and surface area. Moving forward sixth grade will begin their Good Life project next month which is a project that will be about researching each student’s idea of the good life. Students will research future careers, colleges, and have to create budgets that will have to cover housing, food, transportation, and any other expenses they occur.