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Cleanup Day, Poetry Contest, Harvard Science Showcase, and More...

Cleanup Day, Poetry Contest, Harvard Science Showcase, and More...
Posted on 05/27/2015
Clean UpSaturday, May 9th was East Cambridge Clean Up Day. This is a group effort organized by partners East End House, The East Cambridge Business Association, Kennedy-Longfellow School/Putnam Avenue Upper School, Inman Square Business Association, Cambridgeside Galleria, Charles Street Community Gardens, and the Cambridge Department of Public Works to spruce up the neighborhood. Many of our 8th grade students volunteered for activities such as picking up trash, mulching, and picking weeds. Thank you to all who participated!

Congratulations to Théo Boehm (First Place) and Adrianna Lopez (Third Place) for their recognition in the Cambridge Public Library’s 17th Annual Poetry Contest. An award ceremony to celebrate all contest winners was held on Thursday, May 21st at the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library, at which point, Théo read aloud his poem “The Penny” and Adrianna read her poem “Sticks and Stones.”

Science ShowcaseOn Friday, May 22nd the eighth grade students went to the 5th annual Cambridge Public Schools/Harvard Science Showcase at Harvard University. While there they presented their findings on their weather/climate observations of Cambridge and one other location in the world to Harvard students and students from other middle schools in the district. Students kept a student log to document the activities of the day. They were also given a t-shirt with this year's Cambridge Public Schools/Harvard Science Showcase logo on it. Lunch was also provided as well as a tour of different parts of the university. 

8th Grade Research Editorial

“What is a just society? How can individuals make a difference in the world?" Combining the research requirement in social studies and the editorial requirement in ELA, 8th graders are currently engaged in an interdisciplinary project to produce a research editorial.

By producing an editorial--supported by research--on a topic of interest to them that may also connect to a social justice issue, 8th graders are learning about how editorials can be used to effect change.

Through this interdisciplinary project, 8th graders are also gaining understanding of the research process, how to access online databases, distinguish between credible and not credible sources, along with using to compile a bibliography, take notes, and create a Works Cited. 

To produce their editorial, they will go through the steps of the writing process and apply their knowledge of various appeals (pathos, ethos, logos) and strategies (repetition, punctuation, etc.) writers use to persuade.

Encouraged to write for an authentic audience, students will submit their editorials to Teen Ink or other relevant publication for publishing.