Intern Reflections: A Year of Learning and Growth

Intern Reflections: A Year of Learning and Growth
Posted on 05/27/2015

Ms. Hamilton and Ms. Weinberg, Putnam Avenue’s counseling interns, joined our community in September and, in the next month, will be moving on to new and exciting things. While Ms. Weinberg will be searching for a school counseling job, Ms. Hamilton has decided to continue her education at Northeastern University in the field of school psychology. Both have brought a great deal of enthusiasm, creativity, compassion, and hard work to their internships and we are forever grateful for all that they have done for the students, families, and staff at Putnam Avenue. In true Putnam Avenue style, we’ve asked them to briefly reflect on their time as part of our community:

InternNew students, new staff, a new school, and a new role all left me wondering what to expect from my internship as a counselor this school year. As someone who likes to know and plan ahead of time, it was a challenge for me to face the unexpected in this way. But over the course of the school year, I came to learn that expecting the unexpected could be very rewarding. Every day has brought a new puzzle to solve, a new perspective to consider, a new lesson to learn. Looking back, my internship has been a lot like the career of most of the middle school students here at Putnam Ave: tough at first, requiring cooperation and persistence, but, a formative learning experience in the end. I have learned so much this year from students, families, and staff, and now look forward to the unexpected as a school counselor in the future.  

-Alison Weinberg

InternI am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Putnam Avenue Upper School students and staff as my advanced practicum experience. PAUS students helped me learn about the types of challenges and strengths that adolescents possess in middle school. I was particularly impressed by the leadership skills that students at PAUS displayed this year in suggesting new student groups, seeking support for friends facing difficult times, and participating in school and community activities. Thank you for a wonderful year!

-Tessa Hamilton 

We cannot thank Ms. Weinberg and Ms. Hamilton enough for all that they brought to our community. They will be missed by students and staff alike.