6th Grade Update

6th Grade Update
Posted on 09/27/2016

We're having a great first couple of weeks so far in ELA! Students are learning how to judge a book by it’s cover (especially the back cover) to help them decide how to choose a book for independent reading. They are also using Malcolm X's example of reading-goal setting to understand their own reading strengths and weaknesses and set their own reading goals. Finally, in line with the Putnam Avenue Core Value of "Balance," students created paper plates using pictures and drawings to tell us "what's on their plate" and what makes them the unique individuals they are.

In math, we welcome Mr. Godfrey's newest addition to the family, Hunter Godfrey. Mr. G will spend some time outside of the math classroom with his new baby boy. We hope to see him back in the next few weeks. As we start our math year, students are exploring number lines. They will be using number lines to compare numbers and write inequalities. This will help them as they move towards prime factorization and common factors/multiples. Students received their math textbooks and syllabi and students should be expecting homework in the next few weeks.

In science, this year, student will be learning physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth science. Our studies begin with our physics unit, focused around an in-depth investigation of light. By observing, manipulating, recording, and analyzing the behavior of light, we will uncover some of the most fundamental laws of wave physics.

Last, but not least, in Social Studies students have been able to work together to establish rules for our learning community. We will begin with our first unit of study (Geography) this month and learn how to use a map as well as how to conduct research for our Virtual Brochure project.