6th Grade Update: March 27, 2017

6th Grade Update: March 27, 2017
Posted on 03/27/2017
DragonwingsIn ELA, students are learning how to identify metaphors, similes, and idioms in our class text Dragonwings as well as in their independent reading books. They are also learning why writers use figurative language and have begun to explore the metaphor of the "dragon" in Dragonwings. They also have been practicing reading comprehension to prepare for MCAS by using test taking strategies such as reading the question first, process of elimination, and using context clues.

In math, students are finishing up their ratio and unit rates unit by learning about proportions and percentages. They are using the bar model to solve for percentages. They plan to begin in their expressions unit by the end of the week. Students are also preparing for the MCAS by engaging in a practice test and familiarizing themselves with the toolkits available to them on the test.

In science, students have begun their biology unit. We have done field studies of organisms in our community and are now investigating trends in species populations of two virtual ecosystems (EcoMuve). Over the next few weeks, students will unravel a mystery about these two islands by collecting and plotting data, developing complex ecosystem webs, and presenting solutions to help stabilize the failing ecosystem with an infographic project.

In social studies, students have started working on their second D.B.Q (Document Based Question) of the year. They are writing analytical essays that answer the question “is Hammurabi’s code of laws just?” To prepare to answer the question, students participated in a debate and argued both sides of that question.