6th Grade Update: November 28, 2017

6th Grade Update: November 28, 2017
Posted on 11/28/2017
In science, students are finishing up their study of light and how we see by investigating what makes colored light and other non-visible forms of light such as ultraviolet or infrared light. The final unit assessment took place on Thursday, November 16th. The next unit of study is based in Chemistry, and it is entitled “How do I smell things from a distance?” which investigates the particle model of matter.

In ELA, students have just completed their first five paragraph essay of the year. As we move into the next month, we will be exploring themes in literature and writing a comparative essay about The Lightning Thief and the ancient Greek creation myth.
In math, students will continue their work on constructed responses with an emphasis on reasoning. The next unit of study will allow students to extend their understanding of the number line to include negative numbers and absolute value. They will understand conventions for using positive and negative numbers in the context of temperature and elevation.

6th Grade AssemblyIn social studies, students have finished their first unit of study Geography. They were able to create a virtual brochure about a country they researched and present it to their classmates. They are starting unit 2, Early Humans, and will begin their study by exploring the different species of early humans that existed during the Paleolithic Age.

Pictured is the whole school assembly in which awards for the first academic quarter were given to recognize student achievement.
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