6th Grade Update: January 2017

6th Grade Update: January 2017
Posted on 01/31/2017
Students are digging deeper into our chemistry unit, learning about properties of different materials and why they arise. We've investigated properties of elemental metal, and are learning what makes atoms, molecules, pure elements, substances, and mixtures different, and what gives them their unique properties. This week students built molecules of common materials and investigate how molecular structure impacts chemical properties. In the next unit, students will use Scratch, a coding program, to animate molecular models that show how molecules move and thus, how odors get to our noses!

In ELA, students are focused on why do myths still matter? Students have been making connections between themes in myths they have read and themes in The Lightning Thief. They will also be preparing book talks to convince their fellow classmates to read their independent reading books.

In math, students have began exploring ratios, rates, and unit rates. They are reviewing vocabulary and making connections with everyday life. Students are practicing ratios using scenarios related to everyday life. They are getting in the habit of explaining ratios using sentences that compare two items. Students are also preparing themselves for the upcoming computational fluency assessment that measures growth in number sense strands.

Lastly, in Social Studies, students went to visit the Harvard Museum and the Peabody Museum on January 10th to study about the rise of agriculture and civilizations. They really enjoyed the trip and were able to see many artifacts from quite a few ancient civilizations. On the trip, they were also able to manipulate and use tool that people used during the Neolithic times to grind grain into mush, cut leather, and make fire drills. They will be continuing their studies of the rise of civilization by focusing specifically on ancient Mesopotamia and how the civilizations that existed in the Fertile Crescent came to be.