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7th Grade Participates in Netpal Breakfast & Science Expo

7th Grade Participates in Netpal Breakfast & Science Expo
Posted on 05/23/2017
On Friday, May 5th, the seventh grade participated in Putnam Avenue’s second annual Netpal Breakfast and Science Expo. For several months, students have been emailing with a “Netpal” who works at a STEM company located in Cambridge. Earlier this year, they took two visits to see their Netpal’s offices, and this time PAUS acted as the host.  

The program is organized by Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV) and the 7th-grade science teacher, Mr. Manning. The companies at PAUS who provide NetPals are Audible, the Broad Institute, the Koch Institute, MIT Department of Chemical Engineering, Neon Therapeutics, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, and the Whitehead Institute.

After eating breakfast with their Netpals, students presented their “You are the Scientist” projects in a science expo style format where students got to present to real scientists! This was an opportunity for Netpals and students to chat about the various science topics that students researched, from how cancer forms in the body to how scientists use genetics to make cats glow in the dark, to how the immune system defends against viruses. Students will soon be sending their final email to the Netpals they have had a chance to work with this year.