7th Grade Portfolio Showcase Presentations

7th Grade Portfolio Showcase Presentations
Posted on 06/20/2016

7th gradeThe 7th grade students came prepared to conquer portfolio that complied work throughout their 7th grade year academically and non-academically. They were focused and committed to completing their projects. Students spoke eloquently about the 5 core values: Passion, Pride, Ownership, Balance, and Perseverance and how they are living these values in their daily lives. 

They spoke about their Passion for Academic Excellence work including their successes and areas of improvement during their 7th grade career. Also, their pursuit for particular Social Justice issues caught advisories’ attention while some talked about homelessness, bullying, racism, etc. 

7th GradeNext, they shared a personal coat of arms where they talked about their identities and what they were proud of and represented in their communities they are tied to. This was followed by ownership with students reflecting on their weekly advisory goals and measures they noticed pertaining to their goals throughout the school year. 

In addition to this, 7th graders discussed how they are able to balance both school work and outside activities from sports to theater arts to music and many other varying interests. 

Finally, they finished with a perseverance letter to the person/people of their choice. In the letter, they talked about a certain instance in which they felt they needed to persevere through and the outcome of the situation. Reflections on their upcoming 8th grade year were included to show students’ hopes and dreams for their Good Life.

Congratulations to our 7th graders, class of 2017, for successfully completing their portfolio presentations! We also thank the families and staff who attended the 7th Grade Portfolio Showcase Presentations. 

“There is no substitute for hard work” - Thomas Edison