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7th Grade Update

7th Grade Update
Posted on 09/27/2016

In 7th grade, students are off to a great start in our first full year at 100 Putnam Avenue as we strive to build off of their successes in 6th grade. During the first week of school, students spent time in their advisories developing goals for the year around academics, extracurricular activities, and socio-emotional growth. To display the pride of our students, advisories also spent time developing community quilts (pictured) which demonstrated the tremendous diversity of talents, cultures, personalities, and gifts that are in our community. Some of these community quilts were displayed at our back to school night and community cookout. As we move into week three, it is time to start focusing
in on how students will work to achieve the goals they set out for themselves
in the first week, and building the skills they will need on their way to the
good life!