7th Grade Update: October 24, 2017

7th Grade Update: October 24, 2017
Posted on 10/24/2017

Students are finishing their first intensive study in chemistry: properties. They have performed lab investigations, collected and analyzed data, and written lab reports to draw conclusions about such properties as hardness, solubility, melting point, and boiling point. In the following weeks we will conclude our study of properties with an investigation of density before moving onto chemical reactions.


In math, we have strived through the standard 7.RP.1 where we computed unit rates associated with ratios of fractions. Students developed skills to solve examples such as; if a person walks 1/2 mile in each 1/4 hour, compute the unit rate. As we continue to strengthen our skills through various practice tools like Khan Academy, we are now beginning to accomplish standard 7.RP.2; Students will recognize and represent proportional relationships between quantities. Lessons will be instructed for students to be able to decide whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship within a table or graph on a coordinate plane.

Social Studies

In social studies, we have wrapped up our identity unit with students showcasing their identities through their identity projects. We are now engaging in our exploration of Islam, starting with the geography of the Arabian Peninsula, its role as a trading center, the life and teachings of Muhammad and the teachings of Islam. We will culminate this unit with our first document based questions (DBQ) essay answering the question, “Why did Islam Spread so Quickly?”


A Long Walk to WaterIn ELA, we have just finished our Independent Reading unit. Students presented Book Talks on their independent reading book to the class to close out the unit. This week we are launching our first class novel: A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. The novel takes place in Sudan and is based on the second Sudanese War. The novel has two protagonist: Nya and Salva. The essential questions we will be focusing on throughout this unit are: How do individuals survive in challenging environments? How do culture, time, and place influence the development of identity? How does juxtaposing multiple characters help an author develop and contrast their points of view?

Special Education

The special educators have been consulting with core teachers in order to support all students with necessary accommodations to be successful in the general education classrooms. We are continuing to implement a co-teaching model in all core classes. In ELA and social studies, we have been working on reading comprehension strategies, specifically annotating. In science, we have been working on providing evidence in our oral arguments. In math, we are working on expressing our math process verbally and through written expression. We are striving to use our math vocabulary to give succinct and concise answers.
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