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7th Grade Update: January 2017

7th Grade Update: January 2017
Posted on 01/31/2017
Students are studying how energy changes and allows things to happen in our world through the essential question of “What makes some things stop while others keep going?”.


Students are completing the novel, A Long Walk to Water. As we near the end of the novel, we are gathering evidence that supports how the two main characters are able to survive the challenges that the various African environments presents to them. We will then be planning and writing an essay that supports the theme of survival in the novel.

Social Studies 

Coming back from winter break we have been working on unit that students selected as being relevant to their lives. Students have been looking at social media and activism. Specifically, how it connects to policing and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Special Education

During pullout sessions students have been reading and annotating articles about the Civil Rights movement and answering comprehension questions about the text. In our writing groups, we have been working on developing a solid Introduction paragraph.

Celebrating Academic Excellence
The image shows the 7th graders on stage at our whole school assembly who were chosen to receive the passion awards for academic excellence in each core class based on their pursuit of academic excellence during the first part of the year.