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A New Year, A New Building, and A New Start for Advisory

A New Year, A New Building, and A New Start for Advisory
Posted on 01/24/2017
January has always been a time for us to “restart”. This year, we have the added bonus of being able to restart in a brand new building. As such, our advisory theme this month is to restart, with a focus on our social contract and our core value of pride.

During the fall, our students — using a democratic process — developed a social contract. This contract helps staff and students to focus on how we work together in order to reach our daily, weekly, yearly, and lifelong goals. Students will have the opportunity this month to rethink how they are following the social contract, what adjustments they need to make, and how the social contract keeps them on track to achieve their goals.  

At Putnam Avenue Upper School, “we take pride in our identities and the impact we have on both individuals and larger society. We think not only about the here and now, but about the future as well, considering carefully how each choice we make will impact the future of our own lives as individuals and the future of our collective community.” As we embark on our adventures at 100 Putnam Ave., it’s important for our staff and students to think about who we are, how we “live” in this new physical space, how we affect each other, our school community, our Cambridge community, and all of the other communities we are a part of. Students will participate in activities that help them reflect on who they are in each of their communities and what kind of impact they want to have.