Counseling Corner: Talking About 13 Reasons Why

Counseling Corner: Talking About 13 Reasons Why
Posted on 05/26/2017
SAVE LogoOn March 31, Netflix launched Thirteen Reasons Why, a TV series based on a popular novel of the same name. The fictional story is cautionary tale of a young girl’s suicide and covers other sensitive subject matter as the series progresses. In response to the series, and in partnership with the Jed Foundation and SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education) talking points were drafted to assist parents, teachers, and other adults in talking to youth about suicide as it relates to the situational drama that unfolds in Thirteen Reasons Why. Click here to access these talking points.

If parents and guardians have further questions about how to talk to teens about the sensitive topics broached in this series, you can contact any one of the members of Putnam Ave’s counseling team:

Joanne Edouard, Guidance Counselor
Leslie Loomis, School Psychologist 
Matt Perry, School Adjustment Counselor 
Fergie Wheeler, School Adjustment Counselor 

Or one of our administrators:
Mirko Chardin, Principal

Pamela Chu-Sheriff, Assistant Principal

If anyone in your family is struggling with thoughts of suicide, you may also: Text START to 741-741 Call 800.273.TALK (8255).