Curriculum Update: June 2018

Curriculum Update: June 2018
Posted on 06/21/2018
In social studies, students are culminating the year with our study of Ancient Israel and Ancient Rome. Students will explore topics around the development of Judaism and how Christianity spread throughout the Roman empire.

In math, students have reached our final unit which is focused on stats and probability. Students will experiment with the odds of dice rolls and a coin toss. We'll also analyze various diagrams in order to interpret data. In addition to content learning, students will engage in a whole 7th grade game of monopoly to enhance their financial literacy. This year has been great! The students are ready to take on the challenges 8th grade math will encompass.

In ELA, students began reading our last class novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. While reading the novel, we will be discussing and answering the following essential questions: What is more important, individuality or social acceptance? How does society perpetuate the tension between social classes? Throughout the unit, students will be completing journal entries, learning new vocabulary, and doing lots of collaborative learning assignments.

A note from Ms. Etesse, who is currently on maternity leave: It has been a pleasure teaching and working with the 7th grade class. I wish them a happy and safe summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone next September!

In science, students are completing a short unit on Weather. By applying the information we learned about energy during our physics unit, we are able to investigate what makes the weather change. We are investigating conduction, convection, radiation, and how the heating and cooling that occurs on Earth results in changes of the weather like rain, clouds, and storms. By using our knowledge of energy transfer and energy transformation, students can more effectively describe phenomena that occur within our atmosphere.
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