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Ever wonder what it’s like to pie a teacher?

Ever wonder what it’s like to pie a teacher?
Posted on 04/14/2016

Eighth grade held a competition in 3rd quarter to see which advisory had the least amount of warning notices. On the line was the ability to pie Mr. McDonald! Ms. Chung’s advisory (3212) won the competition and pied Mr. McDonald at the Student v. Staff basketball game on Friday, April 8th. Great job, 3212, maintaining the championship belt!

To conclude a unit on Encounters in the Atlantic, 8th graders are writing letters to Cambridge City Council about what should be done with the October holiday currently known as Columbus Day. On Thursday, April 7th, Mahtowin, a Lakota woman from the United American Indians of New England, came to speak to some classes about the current resolution before the City Council to have an Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Students were moved by the experience. One 8th grader stated, “It hits you right here [pointing to the heart].”


  • There are still tickets available for the Red Sox game on Thursday, June 16th. Please contact your student's advisor for more information.
  • We are not moving forward with the overnight trip to Camp Becket due to lack of interest.
  • Graduation for the Class of 2016 has been scheduled for Friday, June 17th at 3PM. Stay tuned for details!
  • Students should be continuing to work on their Core Values Portfolio. Presentations will be scheduled during the first and/or second week of June.
  • PARCC/MCAS Schedule:
    • ELA PARCC: May 10th, 11th, and 12th
    • Science MCAS: May 16th and 17th
    • Math PARCC: May 19th, 20th and 23rd