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Getting Ready for 7th Grade

Getting Ready for 7th Grade
Posted on 05/20/2016

Sixth graders are in the process of preparing for the 7th grade. We have finished PARCC assessments which have replaced the MCAS. Part of that process is making sure we cover all major standards needed to be successful in the 7th grade and beyond. The other part is to equip our students with the proper social skills to both interact and advocate for themselves with their teachers and peers.

In math, we are finishing up our statistics unit with an end of the unit project where students will analyze data, find the different measures of central tendency, and make four graphs. We will begin our “good life” project where students will choose a career and lifestyle they want to live. Students will pick out a home, mode of transportation, and other lifestyle choices. After students pick out their lifestyle they will then have to work backwards in their planning and have to research the type of education they will need to attain their good life. We will be looking for family members, friends, and community members to come in for a career day in which students will present their good life and professionals who work in the fields that students want to work in will give students some advice on their good life plan. We are working on a date and time but if you or know of anyone who would be interested in coming in for a career day please send me an email.

For this ELA unit we will be reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. We will use textual evidence to describe the setting, including the physical, political, and emotional aspects of the world. We will also identify how an author uses literary techniques to create mood. We will spend some time dealing with symbolism and how to use them to understand more meaning that passages portray. Students will explore the themes of individuality versus society, coming of age, and use evidence from the text to construct a possible author's message as it relates to the themes we identify. Students will be thinking about and responding to these essential questions: Is a perfect society possible? What are the advantages and disadvantages of conformity and individuality in a community? Why does history matter?

In 6th grade science, students have just begun their fourth and final unit of study: geology. Throughout the unit, students will collect data through laboratory experiments as well as observing geologic data and making inferences about how the earth has been changed by water. Students are, in the early stages of our unit, developing driving questions to motivate our research. The unit will culminate in a final project in which students create an educational artifact for a National Park that includes not only specific information about the formation about that park, but about general geologic theories and accepted fact.

This month we have started our unit on ancient Greece. We have been discussing how ancient Greece and ancient Egypt were both similar and different. We have also been learning a bit about Greek mythology and will soon get ready to write a poem about ancient Greece as part of our final project.