Grade 6 Update: June 2018

Grade 6 Update: June 2018
Posted on 06/21/2018
In ELA, students chose one of three social justice issues: Women's Rights, Black Lives Matter, or Gun Control, to study and research. Once students completed the research stage, they worked in groups to create a product to educate others about their chosen topic.

In social studies, students explored their final unit of study, ancient Greece. After analyzing and studying the city-states of Athens and Sparta, students created web pages for their own city-states by combining the best features of both of those city-states. For our final project of the year, students identified and studied the contributions the Ancient Greeks made to modern day language, math, and the sciences in order to write a poem.

In math, students continued their work in collecting and analyzing data. They extended their understanding of mean to include MAD (mean absolute deviation). As we neared the final days of the year, the work moved to include median, quartiles, and interquartile range (in the context of box plots).

In science, students completed the final unit of study on the question, “Where is the water?” which focused on the water cycle and access to clean drinking water. Students have been learning about communities that have difficulty accessing clean drinking water, how it affects those communities, and what some of the potential solutions for this problem are. In the last couple weeks, we worked on different engineering design challenges.
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