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Learning Commons Update: April 25, 2017

Learning Commons Update: April 25, 2017
Posted on 04/25/2017

By: Ms. Marianne Bees, Library & Technology Specialist

Audiobooks through CPS
DestinyDid you know that CPS’ library catalog has an app? The app is called “Destiny Discover” and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Kindle, Nook and on a Mac OS X or Windows computer. Using Destiny Discover, students can search for the availability of a book and also checkout audiobooks!
Sometimes it is useful to have a book on your mobile device to listen to when traveling. Audiobooks are also helpful when reading is a challenge for students. This medium enables the child to fully focus on the story without decoding text. If possible, it is recommended to have the child use the book as well, so their literary skills continue improving with both the written page and the audio narration. It is a wonderful way to keep on reading!

Steps to Use the App:

  1. After downloading the app, select the state of MA, and then Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School and Putnam Avenue Upper School (PAUS).
  2. To see a book’s availability or to search for a title, you do not need to log in. Just click on “Browse as Guest”.
  3. To digitally check out an audio book for use, you must log in. Click the blue “log in” button and put in your student ID # for the username, and your network password (these are the same login credentials as Aspen). For teachers, it would be the network username (first initial, last name) and their usual network password.
  4. Click on the Audiobook icon. You will notice that we have 116 titles for your listening pleasure.
  5. If an audiobook is already checked out, a red “out” triangle appears in the upper left corner of the book cover.
  6. If you click on play, the app automatically begins to download to your device. A few seconds later, the narration will begin. 

Lost in SunThe top blue banner includes icons for going back to the previous screen, downloading the audio book and returning the audio books, a timer for setting the length of time you’d like to listen to the book, return date, table of contents, title info, and the help feature. The bottom blue banner includes tools for returning to the beginning of the book, reversing the narration for just a few seconds, play/pause, going forward in narration for a few seconds and jumping to the end of the book.

In order to check out a different audio book, you must open the app, click into the book that you previously listened to and click the cloud icon on the top blue banner. This will remove the title from your device. Next you will to click “return” from the Destiny book menu. Now that title will be returned to the catalog so others can check it out. We typically have only one audio copy of a book, unless it is otherwise stated. Try the app and download an audio book! As always I am here if you have any problems or questions about the app.