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Math Fun

Math Fun
Posted on 03/28/2017
Tape MeasureAdvisory activities during the week of March 13th were focused on math! Many activities took place, including completing the Handshake problem, Math Facts Challenges, memorizing the digits of pi and solving relevant grade-level problems. We also celebrated Pi Day, a little late thanks to Winter Storm Stella. Students measure several round objects to calculate the ratio of circumference to diameter. Many students spent time studying and memorizing the digits of pi. A huge shout out to all who participated in the contest!

6th Grade

1st Place Axelle - 78 digits
2nd Place Adham - 75 digits

3rd Place Kabir - 70 digits 

Other Participants: Jason, Nick, Minnah, Irene, Ariana, Owen, and Makeda

7th Grade

1st Place Jade - 91 digits
2nd Place Julian - 57 digits
3rd Place Imran - 51 digits

Other Participants: Nate, Andy, Michael, Cate, and Helina

8th Grade 

1st Place Lamiya - 199 digits
2nd Place Chad - 51 digits
3rd Place Nick F. - 33 digits 

Other Participants: Alisher, Greggy, Jonathan, Taivon, Kate, Mathew, Carringten, Jordan L., and Anouk