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PAUS Learning Common News

PAUS Learning Common News
Posted on 09/26/2016

From Ms. Marianne Bees, Library & Technology Specialist Welcome back PAUS community! As your child’s librarian and technology specialist, I am happy to report I have returned to school with lots of energy and excitement for this new year of learning! I hope your child was able to read a significant amount over the summertime. As a general rule, middle schoolers should attempt to read (for pleasure) an average of 30 minutes a day. To help with this endeavor, I’d like to make a suggestion. Students should obtain a Cambridge Public Library card.

Library CardWhy is this important? It is important for several reasons. First, if there is a time when CPS doesn't hold a copy of a book, but it is available through CPL, then the student can make an online request to have that book sent to the nearest Minuteman Library. Also if a student prefers to listen to audio books, they have that option with the Overdrive app. They just need to put in their library card code and ‘check’ out the digital copy of that book.

Having a public library card gives students access to over 6 million books, CDs, DVDs, and online resources. There is no waiting period to get a card and it’s free! Students who have a library card can also use the public computers at any Cambridge Library branch location. So please, if you haven’t done so already, help your child get a library card!

Any questions or feedback? Please email me. Hope to see your child reading soon!