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Social Justice in Action

Social Justice in Action
Posted on 04/11/2017
The PAUS community has responded to the current the socio-political climate with youth-led activism and letting all students know that they are not just welcome…but also celebrated at school. In art class, students have made pins to share with the community that promote diversity and inclusion. In the 6th grade hallway, students shared their names in Arabic and used the images to construct a wall map in the shape of the United States. During Community Service Day in February, students drew images that now decorate the hallway walls. These images honor random act of kindness and list big and small ways for students to serve the community, from picking up trash to volunteering with animals. Throughout the school, staff have also shown support for students with banners that express solidarity with movements like “Black Lives Matter” and denoting safe spaces for LGBTQ youth, to name a few.

Many students have talked about activities they’ve participated in with their families including, but not limited to, the March for Women. If families are interested in ways to talk about social justice topics with their teens and/or get more involved with initiatives, click here for resources.