What is the Advisory Program?

What is the Advisory Program?
Posted on 10/25/2016

The Advisory Program at Putnam Avenue Upper School addresses the social and emotional needs of our students, fosters family and community partnerships, builds strong teacher-student relationships, and creates a positive school climate. Through the daily 20 minute structured activities, lessons, sharing, and games the advisory class provides a trusting environment for adult guidance and peer support as students learn the skills required to meet social, emotional, behavioral, and academic expectations.

The first week of school was dedicated to building a community, relationships, and mutual respect by discussing hopes, dreams, and goal setting. The culmination of activities was a whole school assembly highlighting the Core Values Passion, Pride, Ownership, Balance, Perseverance. Staff members and 8th grade students presented videos and skits on each core value. It was powerful to witness the teamwork and dedication each 8th grade advisory put into their presentations of the Core Values.

Students now have settled into the routine and are familiar with structures of the Advisory Program. Students have been setting weekly goals, learning new greetings, participating in fun games and have been working on the whole school social contract. The advisory program and planned activities set the stage for partnerships between students and teachers. For more information about the Developmental Designs approach to advisory that we use, please click here.