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What You Should Know About Summer Opportunities

What You Should Know About Summer Opportunities
Posted on 05/20/2016
  • Summer vacation is 10 weeks long and is an important time for middle school-age youth to try new things and pursue new or existing interests and skills.
  • There are many quality summer opportunities available to all Cambridge youth inside and outside the city that are enriching, structured, and safe.
  • Many opportunities have firm deadlines and fill up quickly – it is better to apply/register NOW and decide later than to wait. (Remember to inform the program if you are no longer considering it).
  • Some opportunities are free, and even those with a cost often have financial aid and scholarships money available – just ask! (And we can help negotiate with some programs.)

The Cambridge Middle School Network (MSN) promotes access to, participation in, and coordination among middle school serving out-of-school time (OST) opportunities with the goal of ensuring broad participation of Cambridge’s middle school youth in quality OST experiences that foster both their present and future learning and life success. MSN is part of the Agenda for Children’s OST Initiative, which is a partnership among the Cambridge Public School District (CPSD), the Department of Human Service Programs (DHSP), and the larger community of Cambridge OST providers.

For more information and to apply sign up for any summer programs contact MSN at 617.349.6017; or visit their website.