From Mirko Chardin

Dear Putnam Ave. Students and Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!
The fall is upon us and we are ready for an amazing school experience that will provide joy, laughter, smiles, challenge, and growth. We know that this year brings with it more questions than in the past but rest assured that we will work together to make this year our best yet! For the 2020-2021 School Year we will focus on and embrace our Core Value of Perseverance:

“We recognize that our relentless quest towards excellence is full of obstacles and conflict. We turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and demonstrate perseverance by identifying challenges and striving to overcome them. We choose not to see obstacles as moments of defeat but as moments to grow and make ourselves stronger.”

We choose to embrace all that remote learning has to offer and to view this year as an opportunity to reimagine how we learn in new and different ways.

What can you expect this school year?
CONSISTENCY: All of our hallmark systems and structures--relevant and engaging curriculum, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Advisory, Student Support, Core Values and Portfolio, to name a few--have remained intact though they are being delivered remotely.

Schedule: Similar to our previous remote learning schedule, the 2020-2021 PAUS Remote Learning Schedule features a morning advisory, 2 core classes per day, 

1 specialty class per day, live office hours, and a weekly Wednesday Flex Day with opportunities to catch up, connect with families, and participate in an extended advisory. Individual student schedules can be found by signing in to Aspen.

Google Classroom: In order to best support remote learning, all classes will have a Google Classroom where learning materials, assignments, and announcements are posted weekly. A weekly learning plan for the following week will be emailed by grade level team leaders to families every Friday by 5PM and can be accessed below. All assignments and learning materials for the following week will be posted to Google Classroom by Friday at 5PM.

Learning Materials and Classroom Codes: All classroom codes can be found on the Master Contact List. Weekly learning plans for all grades are conveniently located on the PAUS Family Remote Learning Website. It might also be helpful to configure the settings in your child’s Google Classroom to streamline notifications. While we do not recommend turning all notifications off, you can select which notifications you receive. Instructions can be found HERE.

Families should expect regular, ongoing communication at both the whole-school level and the grade level during their time at Putnam Ave. At the whole school level, there will be monthly principal letters and frequent communication from our school liaison, Kunjal Shah. At the grade level, you should expect weekly emails from the grade level teacher leader with a weekly learning plan, as well as weekly advisor check-ins.

During remote learning, maintaining open and varied channels of communication is crucial. In terms of staff and student communication, students can expect to communicate in real time with their teachers via video during synchronous class learning periods on Google Meet. Teachers also offer live “office hours” throughout the week for students to receive more individualized instruction and support. In addition, students can make comments and ask questions via Google classroom at any time, and students can also contact their teachers via email at any time and can expect a response within 24 hours.

  • Contact List: The Master Contact List contains the following:
    Staff emails, office hours, Google Classroom codes, and Google Meet nicknames.

Support: We recognize that this time can be challenging for all of us. In addition to direct support from our teachers, students and families can also reach out to our counseling and coaching teams as well as Special Educators and Interventionists for support with questions or concerns, Master Contact List.

Attendance: Daily attendance will be taken during the morning advisory period every day from 8:40-8:55AM. Attendance will also be taken at every live Google Meet. Although we are not in-person, student attendance during the day is expected and will be entered into Aspen and shared with the Department of Education. You can expect that our guidance counselor, Ms. Edouard, will follow up with students who are marked virtually absent. To report a student absence, please contact Ms. Jones at the main office at 857.529.0333 or by email.

What does next week look like and what do we do?
Schedule and Learning Plan: On September 16th, 17th, and 18th, we will begin our school year with a special, half-day schedule designed to build community, help students and families become acclimated to the remote environment, and become familiar with the core values. To see the schedule, learning plan, and Google Meet information, click on the grade level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8.

Entering Google Meet: To enter the Google Meet on the 16th, open a new web page and then enter the nickname without any spaces between the words.

I don’t know where to start… HELP!
Quick HOW-TO: This quick Family How-To… will provide you with an overview of the most important things to know and it is filled with links to get you started.

Remote Learning Website: Our PAUS Family Remote Learning Website offers up-to-date information and is our central hub for remote learning resources.

Handbook: If you want to dive deeper, you can also check out our PAUS Remote Learning Student Handbook. This is an overview of all of our policies and procedures during remote learning.

Despite the uncertainty, our commitment to supporting students and families, to providing engaging learning opportunities, and to creating time for balance and self-care during this period remains the same. I urge you to take time for yourself and your family to: listen to a book, workout, visit a museum (virtually), practice some yoga, watch the penguins and jellyfish, zoom with friends or something that energizes and inspires you.


Mirko Chardin
Founding Head of School

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