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Eighth Grade: Paving the Path to Academic Success

Eighth Grade: Paving the Path to Academic Success
Posted on 03/14/2016

During the week of February 22, eighth grade Advisories participated in workshops taught by their teachers focusing on different areas of academic success.

Ms. Chung reviewed how to use Google Classroom, where all Social Studies and portfolio-related assignments are currently posted. Since many other CPS teachers also use Google Classroom, this will continue to be an important site on which to have proficiency.

Mrs. Fulkerson’s workshop focused on how students can use Aspen to keep up with grades and missing assignments in real time, skills that will continue to be important throughout high school.

Mr. Moran’s workshop focused on developing a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed Mindset. In short, this is a philosophy that says anyone can be academically successful if they apply appropriate strategies and use mistakes as opportunities for growth.

Mr. McDonald’s workshop focused on how level of education correlates to income. Many students reported this workshop, in particular, has made them consider life after high school in a way they hadn’t before.

Finally, Mrs. Laskarzewski’s workshop reviewed required materials for each core academic class (including folders, sharpened pencils, notebooks, and an agenda book) since organization continues to be an area for growth for many of our students.

Over the next few weeks, students who maintain organized bags and come to class prepared will have the opportunity to earn homework passes for use in ELA, social studies, and math classes. Ask your student to share some of the strategies discussed!

Congratulations to our Semester 1 Award Recipients!
Academic All Stars: Anusha Alam, Hugo Warin and Jakira Williams
Effort All Stars: Elizabeth Roman and Simon Simpson