Grade 7 Update: December 6, 2018

Grade 7 Update: December 6, 2018
Posted on 12/06/2018

Students are continuing their studies of chemistry through investigations of chemical reactions. Students use what they’ve learned about substances and properties to determine what chemical reactions are and how to tell if one has happened. Students will take a deeper look at molecular formulas and will learn to balance chemical equations that represent chemical reactions. We will continue our chemistry unit through Thanksgiving before moving on to our biology unit after the break.


Students are finishing A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. We are about to begin our four paragraph essay on the theme of survival. Students will work on the essay in class. Our entire Survival Unit will be completed by December 1st.
Social Studies
Students are closing their unit on Islam with a document based questions exploration that answers the question, “Why did Islam spread so quickly?” We will look at the spread during the time of the prophet Muhammad and after his death to the year 1000 C.E. Students will analyze a variety of sources in order to gather evidence and create an informed thesis. This will be the first essay students will write in Social Studies this year.


Students are currently wrapping up a unit about proportional relationships and moving into a mini unit on circles. We will be working to discover formulas for finding different dimensions of circles and noticing how these relationships are proportional. After our mini unit, students will move into a unit on percentages and learn about what sales tax is, how to use coupons, why we tip waitresses, and how simple interest works. We will be looking for real life examples of where and how we are encountering these things every day in our world!

Chinese Immersion 

We will wrap the unit on Islam with a document based question “Why did Islam spread so quickly?” Students will analyze a variety of primary sources and gather evidence to write an essay. After finishing the thesis, we will move on to the unit of West Africa.
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