PAUS Intensives

Our Intensives program provides the opportunity for students to dive deeper into core academic content, as well as visual and performing arts and physical education. Intensives are based on need as well as choice so that we can embed additional supports and challenges within our schedule. All intensives will run for half a school year, transitioning at the semester break, except for Band, Chorus, and Orchestra, which will be full-year intensives.

Specialty Intensive Offerings

  • Band
  • Chorus
  • Orchestra
  • Additional courses proposed by Specialists (i.e. Design Thinking for Social Justice, Studio Art, Yoga)

Academic Intensive Offerings
Finding and Sharing Your Voice: This intensive is a chance to explore topics that you care about, think about how to best make your point, and spread your message by writing. Students work on framing and supporting an argument, finding evidence, and communicating clearly in their own voice. This is taught by grade level English teachers.

Get Lit!: Go on an adventure without leaving the building! Together we’ll turn pages and explore new worlds. Students read a variety of texts (books they choose together, current events, magazine articles, etc.) and engage as a small group in discussion and reflection--very much like a book club. This is taught by grade level Social Studies teachers.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers: In this intensive, we’ll investigate the questions: What are numbers, why are they important, and how can you use them? Students work to build and expand their numeracy skills through math-related games, measuring and building, and real-world applications. This is taught by grade level Science teachers.

Flagway: FlagwayTM is a competitive math sport that creates an environment where students can practice and celebrate math learning. During game play students navigate a course of radial “paths” based on the FlagwayTM rules (derived from the “Mobius” Function). The Flagway™ game elaborates on number facts by incorporating them into a game where students have to make conjectures and reflect. Performing math operations mentally is tied to running along the patterned network of the game. This is taught by grade level Math teachers in conjunction with the Young People’s Project.

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