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Update from the Eighth Grade: February 11, 2016

Update from the Eighth Grade: February 11, 2016
Posted on 02/11/2016
To finish off a Social Studies unit on the Age of Ideas, eighth graders entered the "Shark Tank." After conducting research utilizing databases, students developed a pitch, cover letter, and résumé for a historical figure from the Age of Ideas (Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution). Pitches were created from knowledge of the individual then presented to "sharks," or wealthy figures from the time period that could fund the proposal. Galileo wanted funding for more telescopes; Martin Luther wanted to open a translating service for the Bible; and Leonardo da Vinci wanted to perfect his flying machine. Students learned the practical value of cover letters and résumés, built on their research and persuasion skills, and further familiarized themselves with EasyBib in preparation for their research papers this Spring.

On Monday, February 8th some of the Deans of Curriculum from CRLS came to Putnam Ave. to talk to 8th graders about course requirements and scheduling for 9th grade. 8th grade teachers have made recommendations for math, ELA, history and foreign language. All 9th graders take physics, so there are no science recommendations. All 8th graders will select the courses in March. Please be on the lookout for information about course selection.

The 8th Grade Team wanted to again remind students and families to continue working on Portfolio. This month students should be working on finishing the Vision for the Future essay and first drafts of Core Values Essays. Also, students should have already identified, if not completed, at least one extracurricular activity and 10 hours of community service. Each Friday we dedicate our Advisory time to work on portfolio. Students need to also set aside time out of school in order to complete this work.

Moving into Semester 2 we have an Advisory Challenge! Quarter 3 Warning Notices will be distributed on March 15th. At that time, the advisory with the fewest number of failure warnings will hold the Championship Belt and will have an opportunity to “pie” Mr. McDonald!