6th Grade Update: October 31, 2018

6th Grade Update: October 31, 2018
Posted on 10/31/2018

In science, our scholars are observing the effect of light on objects in order to describe how energy changes forms when light is absorbed, scattered, reflected, and transmitted.


Students are currently working on the novella, Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman. The book entails a captivating story about how a small vacant lot binds the stories of 12 characters together in order to transform and repair their lives. We are utilizing this story to aid students in understanding how a character develops along with simile, symbolism, metaphor, and how to use the text to construct a strong C-E-R (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning) paragraph. 

Social Studies

Students have begun their Geography virtual brochures. The purpose of the brochure is to provide a Cambridge resident with a tool they can use to visit and learn more about a country. They have chosen a country to research and partner to complete the research with and will present the country through the lens of the five themes of geography. 


In math, students are extending their foundational knowledge of geometry. We are analyzing nets (2D representations) and making connections to polyhedra (3D representations). Through this exploration, we are learning to calculate surface area and volume. As we approach the end of this unit, we will begin work on answering constructed responses in math. We will explore the C-E-R strategy (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) and look at examples of students to work (across the state and in class) in an effort to improve our writing and reasoning in math.

Special Educators

We are focused on the C-E-R paragraph writing strategy (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning). This skill is interdisciplinary and cuts across all content areas. We will continue to practice using C-E-R alongside instructions in comprehension strategies.

Chinese Immersion 

In October, students learned to identify absolute/relative location using latitude/longitude to practice map skills activities. We will next define human characteristics of region and discuss ways in which humans interact with the environment. Students will also use the five themes of geography to create a virtual brochure for a chosen country to wrap up the geography unit.
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