Grade 7 Update: February 28, 2019

Grade 7 Update: February 28, 2019
Posted on 02/28/2019
Science: Students have started their physics unit, which will use a series of investigations of physical phenomenon to explore different kinds of energy. Students have begun with an investigation of kinetic energy and are looking closely at how things move and what factors impact the amount of kinetic energy an object has. Students have generated graphs that compare the effects of increasing mass and speed on the overall amount of kinetic energy.

ELA: Students began reading Pygmalion, a play written by George Bernard Shaw. The overarching essential question that is being discussed is: When people change their external appearance, do they necessarily change on the inside too? The play is being read in class, in a Reader’s Theater setting. In addition to reading the play, students have an opportunity to watch some clips from My Fair Lady, which is a movie adaptation of the play.

Lastly, students receive skill based homework once a week on Tuesday nights. Homework is done online. Students have to read either a fiction or nonfiction text or a poem and answer multiple choice questions around central ideas or themes.

Social Studies: In seventh grade social studies, students are closing their study of Ancient India through the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Students looked comparatively at both religions to see how the beliefs of these religions shaped the lives of their followers. We will end the unit looking at the first unification of India under the ruler Ashoka. Students will look at primary sources to determine whether Ashoka was a ruthless conqueror or enlightened ruler.

Math: We are working on a unit about expressions, equations, and inequalities. This is most student's first taste of what Algebra will look like in higher grade levels. We will then begin our geometry unit on angles, surface area, volume, and cross-sections. Students will work a lot with triangles and discover where different angle properties come from. These align with Illustrative Mathematics Units 6 and 7 if you are following along with us at home!

Chinese Immersion: Students have finished studying unit 3, West Africa, and wrapped with making African masks last month. We cooked dumplings and celebrated Chinese New Year.

Students also did their Chinese brush painting. We are studying unit 4, Ancient India, including physical features and civilization by unlocking the secrets of Mohenjodaro. After introduction of Ancient India, we will be learning about beliefs and philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism.
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