Grade 7 Update - March 2019

Grade 7 Update - March 2019
Posted on 04/02/2019
Students are currently working to finish a unit about equations, expressions, and inequalities, which will be a topic in math that follows them through high school and into their adult lives. We are pushing all students to be thinking about the real-life context amongst the problems in this unit including questions like do we meet the height requirement to go on a certain ride? Are we exceeding a weight limit in an elevator? Do we have enough money to complete this purchase?

In our next unit students will be digging into some geometry problems involving angles, 3D shapes, surface area, volume, and cross-sections.

Students finished reading the play Pygmalion and are writing an essay that answers the following question: Does setting impact a major character in the play? Students had three days to work on the essay in class. Ms. Cunha and I are providing feedback on the essays and students will have approximately 100 minutes to revise and edit their essay and submit their final copy.

MCAS is fast approaching. Students will be taking the 7th Grade ELA MCAS on Tuesday, April 23rd, and Wednesday, April 24th. Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on revisiting our MCAS test taking strategies and will be participating in some Boot Camp activities that will focus on refining our analytical reading and writing skills.

In science, students are taking on the second half of their physics unit, which will cover thermal energy, sound energy, and chemical energy, as well as energy systems, conservation, and transfer. Students will see connections in their studies from 6th grade as well as from their previous chemistry unit as it applies to the different kinds of energy they will explore in the remainder of this unit.

A note from Ms. Wool: At the end of this month, I will be departing Putnam Ave. to begin my maternity leave. It has been a real joy to teach the 7th grade students this year, and I am so proud of what they have accomplished. I’ve seen the 7th grade students become more independent learners, who are taking academic risks and pushing themselves to be better. I know that their growth will continue in my absence as they prepare themselves for a fun and rigorous 8th grade year.

Social Studies
In social studies, students have started work on their research project. Students will conduct research in order to learn about an individual in history living or dead to then design and create a memorial honoring their legacy. The project is divided into two phases that seek to answer the following questions: What parts of this person’s history are most important for us to remember today? And, what impact do memorials have on us and the way we think about history?

Students are currently in the first phase of the project where they are engaging in important research skills such as: assessing the reliability of sources, citing sources to avoid plagiarism, navigating a database, and taking research notes. The second phase will take place in mid-March where students will design and create a memorial dedicated to their research subject using the our design lab.

Chinese Immersion
We made some adjustments in Social Studies to align with the schedule. Students have started a research paper that will use the design lab. Students will choose an individual to research. They will then write a rationale about what part of that person’s history is the most important for us to remember today. Besides writing this rationale, students will create a memorial dedicated to their research subject.

We will explore Hinduism and Buddhism after the research project is completed.
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