Mathematicians Mile

Mathematicians Mile
Posted on 12/06/2018
MathIntroducing …. FlagwayTM! 
In partnership with Maisha Moses of the Young People’s Project, Angie Uyham of Cambridge Educator Design Lab, and Damon Smith, Principal of CRLS, we are teaching a 6th grade FlagwayTM class.

FlagwayTM is a competitive math sport that creates an environment where students can practice and celebrate math learning. During game play, students navigate a course of radial “paths” based on the FlagwayTM rules (derived from the “Mobius” Function). The Flagway™ game elaborates on number facts by incorporating them into a game where students have to make conjectures and reflect. Performing math operations mentally is tied to running along the patterned network of the game.

We are thrilled to have five Putnam Ave. alumni as Math Literacy Workers for FlagwayTM. Noore Elkatta, Shanjari Fabi, Marvin Exilhomme (Class of 2019), Ranya Boukouj (Class of 2020) and Greggy Bazile (Class of 2021) will be joining us every Wednesday to work with 6th graders on mastering the game.

We anticipate hosting competitions throughout the year with the goal of participating in the National FlagwayTM Tournament in Washington DC! Please be on the lookout for those dates.
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