Update from the Sixth Grade: February 11, 2016

Update from the Sixth Grade: February 11, 2016
Posted on 02/11/2016
In math, we are wrapping up our unit on Percents and Ratios and are going to be starting our unit on Variable and Expressions. This is a foundational leap for students to be working with variables. We have been working on allowing students to work at an accelerated pace for students who need more of a challenge. For this unit we will be working a lot out of our Math in Focus book which every student should have at home. Students can work at a faster pace by moving on to the next section looking at examples and doing the practice problems.

In ELA, sixth graders are exploring non-fiction, specifically in the area of social justice, by studying the civil rights movement. We are reading non-fiction texts to explore people and movements that have greatly impacted our world... from Gandhi to Claudette Colvin and beyond. Please ask your sixth graders to share what they know!

In Social Studies we have begun our study of civilizations, particularly in ancient Mesopotamia. We've debated what ultimately led to the neolithic revolution and have researched the middle east to compare it to ancient Mesopotamia. This month, we will debate which characteristic of civilization is most important, and practice our writing skills by writing a well developed essay about the rise of civilization.

BabyWith the beginning of the new semester, 6th grade scientists embark on their newest unit in science: biology. Students have begun by exploring what life is and by developing driving questions to lead our studies. Students have been conducting field studies about different species, both in the world around them and in a virtual ecosystem. By observing and analyzing the interactions between species and between species and their environment, students gain a clearer understanding of the complexity of ecosystem interactions.

A new addition has been added to our Putnam 6th grade family;. Welcome Mr. Donkor's daughter to our family!